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Wife, Mom, & Author, all at the same time. I write books, blogs, and whatnot. It’s not about the money, but it’s also about the money. www.WendysWriting.com

She can’t find a lump of food on the floor to save her life. Her nose seems okay. She just doesn’t connect it with something edible.

The cat-dog. Photo by Author.

I can’t figure it out. Maybe I’m putting too much hope into a dog that vacuums up accidental food droppings.

Tonight, a leftover white rice container leapt out of the fridge and exploded rice everywhere. …

Does Daylight Savings Time Seem Tougher This Year? I smashed snooze four times before emerging from the blankets to brave the frigid air.

The thermostat read 66°F. I turned it up two degrees.

Californians are babies when it comes to temperature.

One degree less, and we break out down jackets.

It may sound pathetic, especially if you’re from Buffalo, NY. But I’m not — I’m a native Californian.

Cat-dog made it to the hall before collapsing under the weight of slumber, presenting for the wake-me-up rub.

Author’s Photo

It’s so bad; even the camera can’t focus.

My daughter stumbled out of bed and got as far as the master bedroom.

I found her, cat-dog, and a groggy dad piled on our bed trying to wake up. Or so I thought.

“Close the drapes!”

“No!” I mentally stomped. “You’ll go back to sleep.”

A mom’s got to be tough!

Pet peeves, everyone has them. They cling better than cellophane. They aggravate, stress, and annoy. They’re also destructive. Rarely do they add value to your life. Therefore, I challenge you to ignore them and let them go. Release them to the winds of I don’t care…

Photo by Josue Escoto on Unsplash

Peeves, those annoyances that lead you down a dark path come in all forms of life: dishes, laundry, to clutter or not to clutter?, driving, not driving (passenger), cleaning, table manners or lack thereof, etc.

Sometimes it gets so bad, even looking or breathing can send you over the edge.

If someone looks at you and you get offended, I suggest it’s time to reevaluate what’s really important.

Photo by Janine Robinson on Unsplash

It’s supposed to be illegal to be a vigilante in our country, but today 12 jurors said it’s okay. This doesn’t bode well for our country.

Twelve jurors declared 11/19/2021 as a National Shoot Whoever the Hell You Want Day. Illegally owned assault weapons preferred. …

Photo by Takuya Nagaoka on Unsplash

Since we didn’t have a kitchen and ate out 3 times a day, we ate A LOT of key lime pie.

Did we get sick of it? Nope.

They were sweet, sour, and everything good. All of them.

A few stood out until we came across THE ONE.

After 5 hours on self guided walking tour in the sun with…

When I say clowns, I mean monsters. Naughty bad no good monsters. Have you ever craved a scoop of ice cream only to open it and find this:

Sad Ice Cream. Photo by Wendy Snyder.

No? Well, then I suggest your roommates and/or family like you. They probably don’t torture you with shenanigans like the above.

No one would fess up to it, so I guess the dog ate it. Imagine my surprise at how thoughtful our dog was to leave me a bite of…

Wendy Snyder

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