Air Plant Care 101

The Life and Death of an Air Plant

Oops, I did it again, air plant anti-care

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2 min readMay 31, 2022


Picture of a skeleton sitting in the yoga position with his head that fell off in his lap and his dead air plant hair.
Air plant disaster. Photo by Wendy Snyder.

My air plant care skills are so bad, I can’t even keep the planter alive.

6 months. My latest attempt to keep an air plant alive lasted 6 sad fear-filled months. I don’t know what happened. This last attempt was going so well. I moved him (the air plant) to the bathroom — going with the most humid room theory.

Every Sunday — inside plant water day so I don’t overwater them — I would grab the decapitated air plant head and hold him under running water in the sink — water boarding style.

Then I would brace him upside to dry — going with the don’t drown the base/root area theory.

Then last week, after 6 months of success, something changed. He turned brown and died. I have no idea why.

I’m sick of killing air plants. There’s nothing easy about them.

Perhaps the title is misleading. I’ve been told on numerous occasions that air plants are easy. That must mean something else because in my vast air plant experience, the only thing easy about them is death.

Air plants are easy to kill is more accurate.

Maybe if you live in Florida, where the altitude, moisture, and sun create air plant heaven, then they are easy to keep alive, but in Southern California not so much.

I’ve been told 4 different methods for taking care of air plants. I wrote about them in Air Plants Are Easy They Say.

My short-form status story can be found in Air Plants Are Easy — They Still Say.

I think I may love them to death. May I should have named him? I haven’t tried that method.

If you know how to keep air plants alive outside of Florida, please share your method.

#HelpEndAirPlantMurder #AirPlantCare101

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